Plastic Die Cutting

ICP specializes in die cutting plastic. We precision die cut a wide variety of plastic materials for applications in many different industries and markets. ICP has the ability to run laser steel rule dies to match metal compound tools for extreme tolerances. ICP particularly excels at die cutting heavy gauge plastic and thick rubber gaskets. See examples of Plastic Die Cutting at our product gallery page. We are ISO 9000:2008 registered. QuickTurn capability is available.

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The Benefits of Die Cutting vs. other Manufacturing Processes

  • Many customers choose to save on production costs by die cutting jobs that otherwise might be CNC machined
  • Save tooling costs by die cutting a project that previously had been injection molded

Markets served

  • OEM manufacturers in the following industries:
    • Recreational vehicles
    • Utility vehicles
    • Lawn and Garden
    • Automotive
    • Agricultural equipment
  • Electronic manufacturers
  • Mobility device manufacturers
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Retail display manufacturers
  • Store fixture manufacturers
  • Commercial printers

Die Cut plastic and rubber
Die Cutting Services

Custom Die Cut Products and Applications

Some custom die cut products, components and applications, include:

  • Gaskets
  • Seals
  • Skid plates
  • Heat foils
  • Sound & noise dampening
  • Guards
  • Windshields
  • Point of purchase displays


Die Cutting of all non-metallic materials, including:
• Foam
• Plastics
• Heavy guage plastic
• Rubber
• Films
• Felt
• Cloth
• CC Sponge
• Foils
• Fiber
• Insulation
• Cork
• Other
We can laminate adhesives to a variety of materials
Die Cutting Machine

New Parts, Products or Components

As a 1st tier manufacturer, we can serve as your manufacturing partner at the beginning of your product development process:

  • ICP works with you to find the most cost effective materials and manufacturing process to produce plastic components
  • We can prepare your drawings or designs to be manufacturing ready
  • ICP integrates it manufacturing processes to work seamlessly with yours

Problem Die Cut Products

If you are experiencing product problems with your existing supplier then you need to contact ICP. We have a great deal of expertise in redesigning the product, tooling or manufacturing process to eliminate quality and delivery issues on troublesome products. For more information see our case study involving gasket die cutting.

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